Monday, September 28, 2015

What's with the Blog Name?

In case anyone was wondering...

My favorite Disney movie is Lion King, but the Disney character I've always identified with is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

She's a book worm, like me, who always felt like an outsider in her "provincial town". She is brave, but shy. Stubborn, yet kind.  And she is a misfit amongst the townspeople.  Much as I was as a little girl. Much as I still am among most of society (though I've found my niches where I fit in nicely).

Just before Belle discovers her father has gone missing, she sings a reprise of the opening song:

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell.
And for once it might be grand
To have someone understand
I want so much more than they've got planned."

Every single time I'm feeling lonely or particularly outside of the "normal", this snippet of song plays through my head. I regularly find myself singing it without realizing it. Because, in a lot of ways, that is exactly what I want out of my life.

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.

It may be that my adventure is in parenting, and Renaissance Festival, and simply living out this wonderful life I've chosen. 

But I want more than that, too.

I want to leave a mark. I want to travel. I want to try new things. I want to soak up this big, big world, and remember all of it.

And I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied.

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